June 6, 2023

Trade US Stock CFDs commission-free with LQDFX

Trade US Stock CFDs commission-free with LQDFX

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It’s high time we launched stock trading with CFDs! What about trading your favourite US stocks – Netflix, Apple, Disney, Google, Meta, to name a few – without owning the share, but taking advantage of the following perks:

* Go long or short! Unlike traditional stock trading, CFD trading enables you to profit from buy and sell positions. This means that you can make a profit even from falling markets. 

*CFDs are leveraged products. You only need to deposit a fraction of the full value of the asset to open a CFD position. CFDs provide higher leverage than traditional trading. 

For example, the cost to buy 100 shares of Facebook (Meta) would be 231.50 * 100 shares = $23,150 if you follow the traditional path. With CFDs you’ll need 231.50*100 shares*0.10% = $2,315. Plus, you can always earn even from falling markets if your speculation is in the right direction. 

* Earn Dividends! Clients holding buy positions on a dividend stock will be credited with the relevant dividend amount as a cash adjustment. 

* LQD charges 0 (zero, no, nada) commission, no requotes and offers ultra-fast execution speeds!

Do you have a stock in mind you’d like to invest in but don’t see it listed? If, yes, contact our support team, and we’ll see what we can do to bring it to the platform for you.